Circle 3: The Gluttonous

This circle is a dump of garbage and filth. Souls that did nothing but consume food and drink and produce garbage were placed in this circle. These souls wer further tortured by freezing rain and were torn by the jaws of the three-headed beast, Cerberus.

Dante: "[The souls] howl like dogs in the greezing storm, Turning and turning from it as if they thought one neaked side could keep the other warm."
Virgil: "The more a thing is perfect the more it feels of pleasure and pain."

The freezing rain covers the naked sinners. They suffer from the cold torrent from above and the icy paste below without escape. This is their punishment.

Cerberus has a monsterous size and appetite which is a good symbol of gluttony. This beast torments the souls by ripping and mangling them forever.

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Group Members:

Marie Antoinette pd 1
Dr.Dementor - Period 1
Circle 3 - Ciacco, The Hog - Period 1
Rebecca Bloomwood pd 6
Homer Simpson - period 8
No Face - period 8
mrs lawler - teacher
Circle 3 - King George III - Period 1
Circle 3-Ciacco-Period 6
Circle 3- Cerberus- Period 6