Circle 8: The Fraudulent

This begins the sins of the Leopard. This is the home of many types of sinners both simple and complex in nature. It is shaped like an arena and has ten concentric ditches that contain the sinners. The ditches are labeled as follows:
1) Panderers and Seducers
2) Flatterers
3) Simoniacs
4) Fortune Tellers
5) Grafters
6) Hypocrites
7) Thieves
8) Evil counselors
9) Sowers of Discord
10) Falsifiers

1) The panderers and seducers were driven endlessly by deomns and whips. Their sin was that they drove others to serve their own evil wills and now are driven themselves by evil.
2) This is the sewer of Hell. Sinners are sunk in excrement for their crimes.
3) Priests and other clergy that sold religious favors were sent here. They are placed upside down in a hole and their feet are set on fire.
4) They attempted to see the future by forbidden means, so they are forever condemned to walk backwards with their head turned on their bodies and their eyes blinded by tears.
5) Souls are placed under bubbling sludge. If they poked their heads out, the demons used grappling hooks and pitchforks to rip up the sinners. Grafters were greedy, covetous people who wanted everything they could get their hands on.
6) These souls appeared good on the outside, but they were evil on the inside. They are forced to wear heavy robes and walk in circles, never to show their true selves.
7) Thieves were tortured by snakes and reptiles. Because they used their hands for deception in life, their hands were bound by snakes as a punishment. When the sinners were bitten, they would burst in to flames and then return to their normal state to be tortured again.
8) The evil counselors could not be seen. They were covered by fire because they misused their gifts given by God. As a punishment, they are forever covered and hidden by flames.
9) These sinners were forced to walk in a circle to be torn apart by angels. These souls tore apart what God had placed together, so their punishment is to constantly be torn apart and walk until they heal only to be torn apart again.
10) Alchemists, impersonators, counterfeiter and false witnesses are placed here. Their punishments were numerous and involved attaching and tearing each other apart as well as writhing in the filth and stench of the ground.

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Circle - 8 - Edward Cullen - Period 8

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Circle 8 - Madame Zeroni period 1

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Group Members:

circle- 8- Sybill Trelawny- pd. 1
Bernard Madoff, period 6
Ursula; Jen Lassen, period 8
Circle 8 - Hannah Montana period 1
Circle 8 - Madame Zeroni period 1
Hamburglar period 6
Circle 8 - The Nobles - period 6
Bernard Madoff - Period 8
Circle 8 - Sarah Palin period 8
Circle 8- Bernard Madoff- period 1