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Your name: Phoebe Witzaney

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I wrote on the following walls: Bella Swan, Homer Simpson, New York

The Wall:

Cookie Monster: I am completely and utterly ashamed of myself. I stooped low enough to smuggle cookies from the kindergarden classroom right next door. I looked right into the eyes of the litle five year old and begged him with all my pride to give me his bag of M&M cookies. He deliberately refuesd, and I decided to attempt plan B. I waited till recess, and sprinted to the coat rack to steal the cookies right out of his backpack! I succeeded.

Tom Cruise: Your background makes me hungry!!!

Bella Swan: Your pictures are so CUTE! I can't believe you put the cookie monster in hell though. It's a really good idea! :)

Ronald Mcdonald: Yum. I like your pictures makes me wanna eat some cookies.

New York: I like cookies too... they are so good.

Adolf Hitler: How do you hate on the Cookie Monster? He is the man.

Homer Simpson: Haha yeah eating is my favorite! Your cookies don't look bad either, but i am in love with doughnuts!

No Face: Even though I'm in pain...Man those cookies look so good. I'll Give you some gold for them!

Photo Albums

This is the cookie monster eating all the cookies he stole from the children
He stops at nothing to get his cookies! He went to the extreme to even eat the walls to find the cookies!
Never will I give up my cookies! I will need a huge bribe in order to give up my babies!
https:/.../images/ LR1004%20cookie%20monster.jpg

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