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Bella Swan
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Edawrd Cullen: Soooo... the plan was, we (the Group) were havin this contest, to see who could get lowest. Angel won... . But I got second. As a vampire, I get to administer the torturing to the criminals, so its all good anyway. So I was totally faking that whole time with Bella...but she totally believed it anyway. What a ho. It's all good though. And we can always leave, provided that we have a human sacrifice to get us back out... but those are easy enough to get. But yeah... I'm pretty amazing...for all of you who don't know...but not the way all you silly mortal girls think! >=D

Brutus (pd 6): OMG!!!! I love your page it is sooo funny! Me and my friend love it! (I know I'm supposed to be in character, but I didn't know how Brutus would say that).

Ursula- Wow, you ARE evil! I like =) Let's do lunch sometime...I can bring the shrimp, and you can bring whatever it is vampires eat, or don't they??

Lawrence WarGrave: I'm glad I got stuck one level up. Being with you here would not be a pleasant experience.

The Nobles: Such an appropriate place as this for one who was living a lie to have the truth forced out of them in what could most closely be called death. In another place in time we might have been deemed parallels, you and I.

Paris of Troy: Bella loved you for real and you were playing a game. Thats such a terrible thing

Paris: So i've never dated a vampire before, but...theres a first for everything, right? hit me up, i love a man with fangs! (P.S. i resent the fact that you think i am a 'silly mortal girl' but i might just forgive you ;]

Mike Tyson: I always wanted to fight a Vampire...


Salem's Lot - Stephen King - Heavy on the Vampires. Plus, it's Barlow's story. He's awesome. After he got his henchmen to make a sacrifice for him, Barlow starts turning the entire town into vampires. The priest forms a group t try to stop him and fails. Eventually, Barlow is killed, lame, but the town ois totally overrun. OH YEAH!

Dark Tower Series - Stephen King - But of course. Who doesn't love vampires. The series is about Roland of Gilead and his quest to find the Dark Tower...and how he encounters a whole ton of crazy creatures, people, and situations. Plus, book 5 features the priest from Salem's Lot. An epic journey throughout.
wilight Saga - Stephenie Meyer - My story...OH YEAH! I get this girl Bella to pretty much collapse in my arms. It was pretty epic. I even got her to like me over that dog for him. Eventaully we have a kid...just to ruin her life even more! And she ended up in the second my work went well. I ROCK! >=D

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