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Your name: Austin Smith :]

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I wrote on the following walls: Tom Cruise, Tony Almeida, and Homer Simpson

The Wall:

Stalin: Everyone Welcome to my page. I hope you like it, it is the best in all of Russia and Hell. if you want to get to know me better... then too bad. haha. i am funny. I do not regret being or Hell or any of the other actions that i have done. Hell is not that bad... i could have come up with way worse punishments.
Adolf Hitler: I am glad that you mentioned me in your friends list; I admired your ruthless ruling style also.
Mike Tyson: I hate you as much as i hate Hitletr... =/

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I have no friends, having friends is a sign of weakness that i am not willing to have. However, i did like Karl Marx, he came up with the idea of Communism by which i ruled, a true genius. I also liked Hitler, i enjoyed the way that he ruled. The ruthless blood-thirsty style was something to be admired. I also do have some respect of The US and Britain, while they were capitalist morons, they did aid the great country of Russia in defeating the Nazi fascist regime.