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Your name: Tim Leslie

Facebook Page:

I wrote on the following walls: Benedict Arnold, Terrell Owens, Lil Wayne

The Wall:

Squidward Tentacles: Hello, Check out my page if you'd like.
Benedict Arnold- Squidward, you are the most unlike-able character I've ever met. I am cooler than you.

Photo Albums:

external image 250px-squidward_tentacles.jpg external image 7.jpgexternal image squidward_2_S.gif=

Music Library

Calendar of events:

Wake up
Go to work
Come home
Enjoy my own company
Yell at Spongebob if he's being loud
Sooth the ears of everyone with my clarinet playing
Sleep, with the knowledge that I am awesome



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Media Clips

Just some nice shots of myself


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