Inferno Facebook

Your task is to create a facebook page for someone placed in any of the circles from Dante's Inferno. There are nine levels to Dante's circles of Hell. Each circle of Dante's journey has a brief description, list of characters, quotes and anaylsis to help you better understand the people that would be found in this area of Dante's Hell.

Five facebook pages can be produced per level. Select your page well. You will need to choose your level and advise Mrs. Lawler which level or circle you will be submitting before creating the page. Because only five people per level or stage will be permitted, you should have at least two back up levels to choose from if your first choice is already full.

Your facebook page will contain the following REQUIRED elements:
(These items can be filled in on a Word Document template. Click here for template. BEFORE TYPING, please save the template to a blank word document by copying and pasting it to a new document. When template is complete, SAVE AS in your H Drive under your character's name).
  1. Main feature question,
  2. image (original or pasted),
  3. profile summary,
  4. generate postings on your wall - these should be three phrases that would speak to the conditions in your circle.

Scan the links below before choosing your circle of Hell. Inform Mrs. Lawler of your choice and begin the template above on a character that would best meet the specifics of your circle.

Circle 1 Limbo
Circle 2 The Lustful
Circle 3 The Gluttonous
Circle 4 Hoarders and Wasters
Circle 5 The Styx and The Wrathful
Circle 6 The Heretics and City of Dis
Circle 7 The Violent
Circle 8 The Fraudulent
Circle 9 The Treacherous

In addition to the REQUIRED elements stated above, you must also choose two additional items to submit on your page in any arrangement of your choice. You may choose from the following:

photo albums (must include at least three additional images related to your character with captions)
music library (must include either a playlist of ten songs or two audio clips of favorite songs)
calendar (create a calendar of activities or events in which to participate include at least one week of events)
books (must include at least three favorite titles and authors with a brief 3-5 sentence summary of each title)
clips (must provide links for at least three favorite video clips and a brief 3-5 sentence summary of why each is important)
competitions (create a quiz for your friends to take that relates to your characters situation in some way. Use
friends (create a list of at least three friends with images and what you like about them, They must relate to your level.)

You will embed all of these elements as widgets on your wiki page by clicking the landscape icon for images and word documents or the tv icon in the top navigation bar for embedding audio, calendar, polls or video files.

Please remember to credit all pictures, images, music and clips that you use from the internet. Click here for citation source information.

Putting It All Together

Creating a New Page:

1. You will need to create a page from a template that will house all of the above mentioned content and link it appropriately.
a. Make sure you are signed into the wiki.
b. Click New Page in the top left of this page under Actions.
c. Under Choose a Page Template to Start With, use the pulldown to select DI extras
d. In the text box, name your page using the following model
  • Circle <your circle number> - <Name of Member> period <?>
  • For example if you are in the second circle and your character is Cleopatra then you will name the page Circle Two - Cleopatra period 1

Linking Your Final Page From the Circle Page:

Go to your Circle Page
Once you get to your appropriate circle page, Click the Edit this Page button.
Scroll down towards the bottom.
Under where it says Group Members, add your character's name and then link it to your character's page.
  1. To create the link, highlight your character's name.
  2. Click the Insert Link Button (hyperlink with chain icon).
  3. Under the Page Name box, click the Choose an existing page link.
  4. Browse for the title of the page you created and highlight it
  5. Before closing the window, Add Link in the right top portion of box.

Circle 1, Circle 2, Circle 3, Circle 4, Circle 5, Circle 6, Circle 7, Circle 8, Circle 9

Use the link in the left navigation bar or click (Rubric) to review the grading rubric for this assignment.

Before you begin, check out these websites for additional information on your level choice. (virtual Inferno tour) (biography and additional circle summaries) (circle summaries)
(check out the art work) (Inferno summaries)