The Joy Luck Club Assignment

The Joy Luck Club is a novel made up of 16 short stories, all that connect to a common theme. You will be reading selected stories from this novel and providing your own insights and responses to each one using this wikispace. My hope is that through online discussion, you will be more willing to share your valuable thoughts and viewpoints with others, and learn from one another in the process. After all, literature is meant to be thought about and discussed!!

1. Read the stories. Some will be required, others you will select on your own. You will be reading two to three stories per week. We will be following a schedule of required and selected readings.
2. For each story you read, you will post a response on the discussion portion of the page allocated for that story. In your response, you must do two things:
a. Respond to the question I created for that story AND
b. Respond to another student OR ask an interesting, relevant question for others to respond to.
3. Your postings must be completed by the end of the week that the stories are assigned. Refer to your schedule!
4. You will be completing nine (9) postings in all. Each entry will be worth 10 points for thorough, insightful, original comments that meet all requirments AND make specific references to the story. Total Value of this assignment is 90 points.

NOTE: You will complete an in class essay at the end of this unit.
Due Date: May 5th.