Click the link below to fill in a word document that will lead your through the first four items required for the first page of your Inferno facebook.
You may insert and alter the background of this document to make it as creative as you can.
When you are finished, save the word document on your H Drive by using SAVE AS and saving the file under your character's name.

Please remember to credit all pictures, images, music and clips that you use from the internet. Click here for citation source information.

Making the final page.

Because this assignment creates two documents, you will need to combine the documents onto the same page. To do this, you will create a New Page.

1. Make sure you are signed into the wiki.

2. Click New Page in the top left of this page under Actions. 3. Under Choose a Page Template to Start With, use the pulldown to select DI-Extras 3. In the text box, name your page using the following model.

  • Circle <your circle number> - <Name of Member> period <?>
  • For example if you are in the second circle and your character is Cleopatra then you will name the page: Circle Two - Cleopatra period 1
4. Complete the sections required and insert your word document in the top section. Please include your name at the top of this document in large font.

Linking Your Final Page From the Circle Page:

1. Go to your Circle Page
2. Once you get to your appropriate circle page, Click the Edit this Page button.
3. Scroll down towards the bottom.
4. Under where it says Group Members, add your character's name and then link it to your character's page.
a. To create the link, highlight your character's name.
b. Click the Insert Link Button (hyperlink with chain icon).
c. Under the Page Name box, click the Choose an existing page link.
d. Browse for the title of the page you created and highlight it
e. Before closing the window, Add Link in the right top portion of box.

Circle 1, Circle 2, Circle 3, Circle 4, Circle 5, Circle 6, Circle 7, Circle 8, Circle 9