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Your name: Dean Wholey

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I wrote on the following walls:My Own, Pairs Hiltons, Tom Cruise

The Wall:

Paris: OHMYGOD hey girrrrrlfriend! i did NOT know you were down here too! so we definately need to chill, ASAP! lets go hit on some hot souls!
Brutus: When you break up with your boyfriend give me a call <3!
Cain: You're a talentless fool; you don't deserve your fame.
Bella Swan: Still think you got the best of both worlds? ;) Hey Sarah, ya jealous you didn't say it first? HAHAHA!!!!!!! Sucks for you!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Palin: Just to let ya know, Charlie, a dying moose sounds better than your wannabe mavericky voice.
Hannah Montana: So turns out we're two different people Miley... O_O
New York: Even though i don't like you we do have something in common, and that is we like to date men lol
Adolf Hitler: I agree with Brutus even though you don't sing too well and are a terrible role model.
Edward Cullen: Sorry guys, but I think I got you all beat. She would totally dig the whole worthless, messed-up druggie vampire spawn look...and i'm the only one who can give it to her!
Miley: haha back off guys i love my boyfriend so much! oh um Edward that sounds very appealing...
Tony Almeida: Hey girl, just checking in on you, up there at circle two. Im chilling down here about as low as you can go. If you ever make it down here, we should talk, I have not seen a girl in years, considering my neck is not able to move right now. Ive been looking in a straight line forever.

Photo Albums

miley_1.jpg This pic is of me and my new boyfriend.

miley_2.jpg Omg i saw such a hot guy that day! I couldent even look at the Cameras.
miley_3.jpg Im not sure who that boy was... But he was cute!

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Media Clips
This is for all my boys<3. Especially my boyfriend who somtimes gets on my nerves. But i still love u baby<3... um ohh wow your friends hot. This song i wrote because i feel hard for this one aswsome boy. As you hear in the music though i totally made my self look like a loser. Its okay though cause i can get so many guys. I love this video. I was really mad at one of my boyfriends when i wrote this song. Its pretty much just me saying how i dont need him because there are so many guys i can get. Thats why its hard for me to just be happy with one.


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