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Your name: Katherine Kwon

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I wrote on the following walls:

Homer Simpson, New York, Cookie Monster

The Wall:

Im not lovin' it! ~Roanld McDonald
New York: I feel sad for all those kids that you have made fat :(

Lawrence WarGrave: I think that you deserve to be here for causing an obesity problem to so many people, if I was your judge you would have gotten the death sentence from me.

Homer Simpson: Psh! You honestly think BigMac's are better than doughnuts?! Doughnuts come in a bajillion different flavors, and how many do BigMac's come in? ONLY ONE :]

No Face: Haha I love your commercial but it makes me so hungry. Why are you so happy in all of your pictures anyway don't you know it smells really bad here and you're in HELL?!?

Photo Albums

external image ronald_guitar.jpg

I love playing my guitar and singing with kids!

external image Ronald%20McDonald.jpg
A picture of me used for as an advertisment for McDonalds a couple years ago.

external image McDonald%27s%20Characters.jpg
This is me with my group of friends.

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Media Clips

The video above is important because its about McDonalds. This video shows two guys rapping/beatboxing about chicken mcnuggets. It is very fun and creative and was turned into a commercial as an advertisment for McDonalds.


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