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Your name: Matt Donovan

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I wrote on the following walls: (My own), Terrel Owens, Miley Cyrus, and Angelina Jolie

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Tony Almeida: Jack Bauer is one heck of an agent. I thought I had this whole conspiriacy planned out to perfection, but I guess not. I should have known better. Jack was my best friend. He knows me like the back of his hand. Now im frozen solid in the depths of hell. I hate you Jack Bauer!
Stalin: Hello Comrade, i could use a man like you. A strong scary agent that can infiltrate my enemies' greatest strong holds. Give me a call sometime, we will have potatoes and water

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Tony Almeida dialing up his conspiracy with his fellow agents
Almeida and his "ex" friend and agent, Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer threatens tony, as Ameida's conspiracy is about to be blown into pieces.

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This video portrays Tony as a unrealiable and shady character. His tone is very soft and he wispers many thing. The wispers tell the audience that Tony has something to say for not everyone to hear. Nobodt can ever tell what Tony is up to.

In the previous season of 24, Tony Almeida presumably dies. Jack Bauer is shown here here crying over his best friend. It is sad to know that Tony had completly faked his death, and is now in the midst of killing Jack, the man who was there for Tony every step of the way. Who would have thought!

Tony Almeida is back in action. Tony is seen in this video as a bad guy from the very beginning. This video also does a nice job of showing Tony Ameida's conspriacy over the course of several seasons. Watch and Enjoy the promo!


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